Monday, 26 June 2017

Migration for Work

Migration for Work focused on people who had moved to the U.K and to the region and made a contribution to the development of the area.

The students were introduced to archive material relating to a Roman Empire iron works situated in the Hastings area. The site was under the control of Classis Britannica, the provincial navel fleet of ancient Rome. Part of this archive in the stored collected at Bexhill Museum are the excavated remains of a bath house from the site.  Along with clay tiles, the remains include “opus caementicium”, Roman concrete, a new technology migrated to Britain.

This material inspired the project group to compare the lives of three people who worked extensively in concrete material and built significant structures in the region and left enduring legacies.


Laura Asselborn and Donna-Lee Seymour screen printing at Sussex Coast College Hastings, School of Art and Design.

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